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Rich jewish heritage in Budapest

Budapest has the biggest Jewish community in Middle – Eastern Europe, with an active religious, artistic and historical heritage. Jews played and play an important role in the country’s economical, cultural and political life. Many guided tours can be booked to visit the great Synagoge and the small ones within the widing streets of the 7th district’s jewish quater. The beautifully restored Gozsdu Courtyard in the middle – the most popular part with many locals. Packed with restaurants, pubs and bars, the place comes alive every evening. Gozsdu Courtyard (Gozsdu Udvar) was a row of buildings with a series of inner courtyards connecting Király utca and Dob utca, with apartments on the top floors, and small shops and workshops on the ground floor. Recent renovations converted the old passageway into a modern residential and entertainment complex with some great restaurants and pubs. In addition, there’s a popular, open-air Sunday market held here from March to October.

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