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What we can say when we try Dirty Talk at Budapest Escort

Budapest Escort

Sure, men are also prone to praise and compliments, especially when it comes to the beautiful game in the world! Here we tell you 8 things like wants to hear during sex every man. Recommended by men at erotikus munka!
„I’m coming”: This sentence will men not only listen, they also want their neighbors to hear it. So shouts it out! Every man wants to know if it makes you high. And there is a better opportunity than right to tell him, provided it sounds sexy.
„Wow, that was the best sex of my life”: this phrase only say it if you really mean it. And please do not as if you would say that their meatloaf was very tasty.
„I’d never comed so”: Sure, the „Guinness Book of Records” was of course invented by men. That is why it also makes them very proud when they know they are your very own orgasm champion.
„Do with me what you want”: This announcement delighted him so much that he takes you directly into the dog position.
„You’re so sexy”: What, really? About this sentence, the lords of creation are particularly pleased. Men can not believe they are sexy namely.
„My whole body is trembling”: This is the physical proof that you faked him nothing. Good as It Gets barely.
„Can I get you a blow job?”: Did you just ask if you may do all the work while it is only because… Yes?
„That was so good that I do not care if you look the football game with your buddies in a bar, even if I intend nothing”: This phrase to signal that you’ve made it! You have reached the perfect orgasm!
Also a good strategy: Distribute compliments! Tell your lovemaking companion, what exactly he is doing well or what makes him hot.
You like terms like „cock” or „fuck” does not and can not find this turn-on, but rather bluntly? Then let play your creativity and expand together your own Sexvokabel vocabulary. The main thing is, it works for you and your partner.